Being a new American, a single mom, a refugee, raising her children, one of them with Spina Bifida, could certainly be very challenging. And what if she really needed her basement for extra space for the family of six, but it was all messed up: The stairs are in need of repair and are currently dangerous. The electrical outlets are unusable. The basement is a dark and unusable space until our non-profit organization stepped in.

But what if a man who’d traveled to Dearborn to familiarize himself with the POBLO outreach to Muslim families had the needed skill set that could make a difference?

Bill Hudson, a member of Peace Lutheran Church, Shelby Township, MI, learned of the need through POBLO missionary, Joy Markus, and decided to spring into action. Over a period of four days, Bill figured out what needed to be repaired, purchased the supplies, and did the work. Now, the basement is fixed and usable.

What a difference!

And what a help to the mother, who’s from Iraq. About the repairs, the mother said “Wow! He did everything. The church has been so kind to me!”

Note: If you’d like to help make a difference in the home of a new American family in Hamtramck or Dearborn, whether Christian or Muslim, through donated items, or even donating your construction skills, please contact POBLO Office at 586-477-1530.

There are a number of families who could use your help.