In Missouri, growth in immigrants has been dramatic. In 2009, the foreign-born population of Missouri was 212,900 or 3.6 percent of total population.  Bosnians were the largest group that entered the United States under the status of refugees, with over 19,000 people. A significant number of these refugees settled in the city of St. Louis, and over time obtained first their permanent residency and later U.S. citizenship. This number, though significant, may not be as large as it was estimated. Over the years, estimated number of Bosnians (Muslims) in St. Louis reached 70,000+.

The largest denominations by number of adherents in 2010 were the Southern Baptist Convention, the Roman Catholic Church and the United Methodist Church. Among the other denominations there are approximately 93,000 Mormons in 253 congregations, 25,000 Jewish adherents in 21 temples, 12,000 Muslims in 39 masjids, 7,000 Buddhists in 34 temples, 7,000 Hindus in 17 temples, 2,500 Unitarians in 9 congregations, 2,000 Baha’i in 17 temples, 5 Sikh temples, a Zoroastrian temple, a Jain temple and an uncounted number of neopagans.

POBLO’s ministry in St. Louis, Missouri is led by Ambassador Rev. Duane Maas. POBLO has helped to establish two International Friendship Centers in St. Louis, where volunteers teach English, sewing and citizenship classes. POBLO missionaries are creating opportunities to also share the Gospel message with the unreached in Missouri. Contact us today to learn more about our volunteer jobs in Missouri.

POBLO Ambassador, Duane Maas