Ohio is home to a growing community of immigrants. While about 4% of residents are foreign-born, one in six Ohioans working in the sciences is an immigrant. As workers, business owners, taxpayers, and neighbors, immigrants are an integral part of Ohio’s diverse and thriving communities. In 2015, 503,911 immigrants (foreign-born individuals) comprised 4.3% of the state’s population. Ohio is home to 234,117 women, 223,728 men, and 46,066 children who are immigrants. The top countries of origin for immigrants are India (12.4%), Mexico (8.7%), China (7.1%), Germany (3.5%), and Canada (3.2%). In 2016, 514,536 people in Ohio (4.5% of the state’s population) were native-born Americans who had at least one immigrant parent.

In the Dayton/Kettering area, missionary Adreel George is involved in missions and community engagement through various efforts. Ohio’s first International Friendship Center (IFC) is now open and volunteers teach English and cooking classes, computer skills to job interview prep to new immigrants and refugees. In Dublin, POBLO missionaries Joseph & Heba Beshai together engage in street Evangelism and provide Bible studies and discipleship for new Christians. They are also in the process of opening an International Friendship Center (IFC) in Dayton, which will provide free English, cooking, sewing classes. They will also provide food, clothing, and furniture distribution to refugees in need. Contact us today to see how you can join us in helping people in Ohio.

POBLO Missionaries, Joseph & Heba Beshai

POBLO Missionary, Adreel George