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Clinton Township, Michigan serves as the main location for POBLO International Ministries’ operations due to its large population of Muslims and other immigrants and refugees. The state of Michigan has the greatest population of Arab-Muslim-Americans in the United States, as well as the largest mosque in North America. Michigan’s population of immigrants and refugees are increasing rapidly, giving us limitless opportunities to reach the immigrant and refugee population and share the Gospel with them.

In Michigan, we not only share the gospel, but we also have programs set in place to help the immigrant and refugee population thrive in America. Some of our volunteer services in Michigan include: counseling, supporting persecuted converts, helping with refugee resettlement assistance, cultural assimilation, and more. We also have five International Friendship Centers where missionaries and volunteers teach English, citizenship, and sewing classes. Learn more about our ministry in Michigan and how you can volunteer.

POBLO Missionaries, Sarah Christian and Joy Markus
POBLO Ambassadors, Rev. Amer Mehdikhan


In Minnesota, POBLO’s missionaries are based in Rochester and around the Twin Cities region, where majority of the immigrant and refugee population is located. In recent years, we have noticed a measurable increase of immigrants from Somalia, Laos, and India — making Minnesota the state with the greatest population of Somali Muslims in the United States.

There are two International Friendship Centers located in Minnesota, where volunteers and missionaries offer classes to help teach the foreign-born population English and skills, such as sewing, to help them find jobs in the United States. Learn more about our ministry in Minnesota and how you can volunteer.

Missionaries, John and Mariam Gayed
Missionaries, Nader and Georgette Alaraj


Nearly five percent of Wisconsin’s population are immigrants largely from Asian and Latino countries, and is home to the third largest Hmong population in the United States. In Wisconsin, our missionaries and volunteers engage in street Evangelism and community outreach.

In Wisconsin, there are three International Friendship Centers, where missionaries and volunteers reach out to the community and build trust through love and friendship in order to break down the barriers between American Christians and the foreign-born population to share the gospel. We also build community engagement through English, citizenship, and sewing classes, as well as helping provide living essentials and support. Learn more about our ministry in Wisconsin and how you can volunteer.

POBLO Missionary, Ebou Faye
POBLO Ambassador, Rev. Wayne C. Schroeder


St. Louis, Missouri is home to a noteworthy percentage of the 19,000 Bosnians who came to the United States — known as the largest group who entered the United States as refugees. To say the least, St. Louis, Missouri’s foreign-born population has skyrocketed over the years and provided us significant volunteer opportunities to help others.

In St. Louis, Missouri, we have two International Friendship centers, where our Christian missionaries and volunteers bridge the gap between Missouri’s immigrant and refugee population and build friendships while helping teach new skills and provide support where needed. Learn more about our ministry in Missouri and how you can volunteer.

POBLO Missionaries, Hady and Vickie Matta
POBLO Ambassador, Duane Maas


In Nebraska, the cities with the largest immigrant and refugee population are: Omaha, Lincoln, De Moines, and Sioux City. The foreign-born population is becoming increasingly diverse with immigrants and refugees from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, encompassing six percent of Nebraska’s population.

We currently have two International Friendship Centers based in Omaha, Nebraska, where our volunteers and missionaries share the gospel with the unreached population and help them in the areas they are needed. Whether that be through English, citizenship, or sewing classes, cultural and social assimilation, distributing food, clothing, or furniture, or simply providing friendship and hospitality. Learn more about our ministry in Nebraska and how you can volunteer.


Houston, Texas has the largest population of Muslims in Texas and the Southern United States. Texas embraces the Muslim population with over forty one mosques and storefront religious centers, Muslim student organizations, and halal-certified restaurants. Texas is a great opportunity for us to engage in community outreach and share the the love of Jesus.

In Houston, our volunteers and missionaries help the foreign-born population by building relationships with them, sharing the gospel, and helping them with any needs they may have. This includes, refugee resettlement assistance, cultural and social assimilation, identifying shelter, teaching new skills, helping counsel persecuted converts, and more. Learn more about our ministry in Texas and how you can volunteer.

POBLO Missionary, Julie Aftab
POBLO Ambassador, Rev. David Cecil



POBLO MIssionary, Yasmin Bhatti



POBLO Ambassador, Tim Bickel



POBLO Ambassador, Deen Albert

South Dakota