1. Love Your Neighbor as yourself!

    Our non-profit organization would like to share with you a story of a Syrian family. A Syrian family from Damascus, husband, wife, daughter, and two sons once lived peacefully in Syria. But after the war that broke out there was no longer any safe place for them in their home country. Over a period …Read More

  2. Making New Connections in St. Louis, MO!

    Every month at Epiphany Lutheran Church in St. Louis, MO, our non-profit organization has a gathering called “Foundation Class” with a dinner for the refugees who attend English instruction and for families from Werner Elementary School. This school is right next door to the church, and nearly a…Read More

  3. Adventures in Albuquerque!

    We’re excited to tell you about what our non-profit organization was invited to do a few weeks ago. The LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) met for their national convention in New Mexico a few weeks ago. 3400 were registered to attend from all over the country and I was blessed to be a pa…Read More

  4. Michigan Man Gives Facelift to New American’s Basement

    Being a new American, a single mom, a refugee, raising her children, one of them with Spina Bifida, could certainly be very challenging. And what if she really needed her basement for extra space for the family of six, but it was all messed up: The stairs are in need of repair and are currently dang…Read More

  5. The sewing center idea–how it all began!

    “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble!” (Psalm 46:1) Did you ever consider how America gives refuge to people of every language, tribe, and nation? POBLO’s sewing center idea came out of a desire to lift up refugee women, giving them dignity! Our non-profit organiza…Read More

  6. Free Health Clinic Day In Milwaukee

    Recently, our non-profit organization partnered with another association to educate immigrants and refugees on health. POBLO Ministries partnered with MILAWA, Milwaukee African Women’s Association, to host a health fair for refugees and new immigrants in Milwaukee. The purpose of the program was t…Read More

  7. Mission Outreach in Chicago

    POBLO International Ministries, a non-profit organization, had the opportunity to visit Christ our Savior, in Winfield, IL. Sarah Christian and I met our host, Debra Odesey, who was very kind and extremely hospitable. Rev. Dr. Aubey gave me the opportunity to preach on Sunday and then do a mission p…Read More

  8. This Year Give the Gift of Jesus to a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or Atheist Friend: Give them the Jesus Film

    Our non-profit organization would like to share with you a film about helping your friends to accept Jesus into their hearts. The Kit includes: Training Info. Book Door Hanger Name Tags Jesus Film Package “In 1996, in Los Angeles, just as I was beginning outreach to Muslims through POBLO Internati…Read More

  9. International Women’s Tea 2018

    The POBLO Connection Food, Dance, and Patriotism! This year was my first time attending the International Women’s Tea. The overall atmosphere at our non-profit organization was very friendly, but there was also an undercurrent of excitement to see and taste new things. I was very impressed by the …Read More

  10. Pastor, Church Explode with Love for Walk in Convert

    This story began in November, 2017. It has led to a woman, formerly Muslim, living out her faith in Christ at St. Paul Lutheran Farmington Hills. This story is told by the pastor, Rev. Gary Siefert. Not even the assumed name of this woman is included for her own security. The story about this woman …Read More