We’re excited to tell you about what our non-profit organization was invited to do a few weeks ago. The LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) met for their national convention in New Mexico a few weeks ago. 3400 were registered to attend from all over the country and I was blessed to be a part of this event along with Joy and Yasmin (California).

The President closed by looking ahead, “God would not have kept us going for 75 years if He didn’t think we were worth the trouble. I look forward to the future of LWML as we continue to proclaim Jesus Christ above all in all that we do.”

At POBLO’s booth, missionaries had great encounters with ladies who had never heard of our non-profit organization and with those who had known us since the inception of POBLO. Also, those who have been praying for us and have been partnering with us. We are trying to fulfill the “Great Commission.” Many of them were unaware that POBLO is an outreach to Muslims as well as the ministry that equips and trains churches on cross cultural outreach in their own areas. Many women were touched by meeting Joy from Jordan and hearing her story of conversion, a real life story of paying the price to follow Christ.

Many women commented that they were amazed to hear what God is doing through POBLO ministry — that people are actually coming to Christ and joining the local Lutheran churches.

God Bless the LWML — we love you all!

-Cynthia Khan

At the POBLO booth, we were busy because henna tattoos were used as decorative signs of the cross and J for Jesus and drawn on the back of the ladies hands. They also got to try Middle Eastern dessert “Baklava” and sign for raffle prizes, Children’s Jesus video was given away and above all to meet the missionaries and learn about POBLO Ministries.