Recently, our non-profit organization partnered with another association to educate immigrants and refugees on health. POBLO Ministries partnered with MILAWA, Milwaukee African Women’s Association, to host a health fair for refugees and new immigrants in Milwaukee. The purpose of the program was to help immigrants learn the basics of taking care of themselves, the importance of preventive care, and what to do when encountering health issues. To help make this event a success, we gave participants rides to and from their homes.

Entire ethnic families attended the health fair. There were different booths, one for checking blood pressure, another to check for diabetes, and a third to check for cholesterol.

Participants were also taught how to use exercise to stay healthy. Attendees were introduced to Zumba, which is a type of dancing to help stay fit. Most of the participants were dancing, smiling and getting a good workout while they listened to the music. The health fair was made possible through grants from various Christian non-profit organizations and the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Nursing school students volunteered, along with professionals from various health organizations. Proper diet was another area of emphasis. People were taught how to stay healthy by monitoring what they eat. Food catering companies served good, healthy food, with tasty flavors from African and Middle Eastern cuisines.

I was given the honor of praying and sharing the Gospel, and I took prayer requests from the attendees. This event demonstrated how outreach can be done in multi-dimensional ways, sharing the love of Christ by meeting physical and spiritual needs. These new Americans were served with great compassion. Not only were their immediate needs served through a basic check-up, but also long term needs related to maintaining good health in a new environment with different foods and a different lifestyle. This event highlighted the light and love of Christ, which POBLO International Ministries continues to share with these new residents of Milwaukee. Please pray for our non-profit organization, POBLO in Milwaukee, that we can continue to serve such a diverse group of people, the new Americans who now call Milwaukee home.

-Missionary, Ebou Faye