Our non-profit organization would like to share with you a story of a Syrian family. A Syrian family from Damascus, husband, wife, daughter, and two sons once lived peacefully in Syria. But after the war that broke out there was no longer any safe place for them in their home country. Over a period of nearly four years, they bounced around from one country to another. Finally, they arrived in the U.S. and were settled in Dearborn.

One day, while they were out of the house, a missile fell on their house and knocked it down. They had to flee out of their home to the nearest country which is Lebanon, but they could not start their lives there, so they had to leave to Egypt, thinking that they are very far from danger.

But after the bombing that took place in Egypt by the Moslem Brotherhood, they had to flee again to Jordan. They stayed in Jordan around two years, but they had to leave again because the younger son could not complete his college studies there, and they came to the United States of America. They arrived to the USA in December 2016, and they are now in Dearborn, just the husband, the wife, and only one son.

One day, a family friend invited the husband to attend an English class, which he did, but on his way home he got lost. He saw Atonement Lutheran Church, stopping there to see if someone could help him find his way.

Pastor Gary Rohwer met the man, but he was not able to communicate what he needed. Finally, missionary Joy Markus spoke to him in Arabic and found out what his problem was.

He was lost!

Fortunately, his wife had placed an index card in his pocket with their home address. Joy took it from there and drove him home. Joy gave the husband and wife her card and told them to call if they needed anything.

They did call, a week later, asking Joy to come to their home. Joy began to visit them on a regular basis, as did Pastor Rohwer. Together, they explained how POBLO Ministries and Atonement Church are here to help refugees. They learned of the family’s needs, delivered a donated table, introduced the family to St. Paul Lutheran in Ann Arbor whose members purchased a meat grinder for them.

POBLO International Ministries helped in buying a machine that makes the “Kobba”, so they can start a business to provide their needs. One day, Joy shared with this family about the Christian faith, and the wife requested a Bible. Now, they are reading the Bible to learn more, have come to Atonement several times, and have made friends at the church. Pray that the husband, who once was lost, and his family may find through the witness being given the true Light of the World.