Every month at Epiphany Lutheran Church in St. Louis, MO, our non-profit organization has a gathering called “Foundation Class” with a dinner for the refugees who attend English instruction and for families from Werner Elementary School.

This school is right next door to the church, and nearly all the immigrant families attend with their children. Epiphany has held its “Foundation Class” once a month for the last five months. We arrange activities for children, like ceramics, chess, coloring, and dance.

For the adults, the church brings in professional counselors and life coaches to better their lives, teaching families many things about relationships and communication skills.

Earlier this spring, the refugee families, arranged a lunch for our volunteers, for Pastor Michael Ziegler, and for my wife, Vickie, and myself. They just wanted to thank us for what we do for them. They told us they are so happy that the church has opened its doors to welcome them. They love the fact that we give of our time, offer free classes and programs, and are here to help and guide them. They are especially grateful for our love.

We also just started sewing classes which the students find so interesting! Before the end of our classes, Vickie prays for the students in the name of Jesus. This brings comfort, as the students are now witnessing Christ’s love in action, and are now open to hearing about Jesus. Many of them are Syrian refugees — here for less than a year. Believe me, these simple steps we’ve taken are a powerful witness to those who’ve suffered a great loss that God is real and that His love can be felt!

God bless you all,
-Missionary, Hady Matta