I was recently privileged to attend an International Women’s Leadership conference held in Dubai along with many Metro Detroit non-profit organizations. I qualified to represent the State of Michigan because of the sewing classes held at POBLO’s International Ministries Friendship Centers. My trip was filled with many great opportunities to witness.
God put one woman in my path for a reason. She was wearing a headscarf. She was very excited about her new-found Islamic faith — she had been Hindu, someone gave her a Quran to read, she read it, and later converted to Islam because of the concept of one God.

I invited her to lunch, praying for God to open a door for the Gospel — and God did! I shared with her that the one God concept she had embraced has Jewish roots — God had already revealed it to Abraham and Moses — and then I shared the whole concept of salvation through Christ. This woman could not stop crying after hearing the message of the cross — she was hearing it for the first time.

Please pray for Fatima that the Lord will never allow her to forget what she has heard and that He will also put other Christians in her path to teach her more!

-Cynthia Khan