POBLO International Ministries, a non-profit organization, had the opportunity to visit Christ our Savior, in Winfield, IL. Sarah Christian and I met our host, Debra Odesey, who was very kind and extremely hospitable. Rev. Dr. Aubey gave me the opportunity to preach on Sunday and then do a mission presentation after the worship service.

During the presentation time, Sarah Christian shared her testimony and I had the opportunity to present POBLO’s brand new project, “Unequally Yoked.”

After that, we traveled to St. John Lombard, IL, where our very kind host, Rev. Peter Imlah, welcomed us and had us do a presentation for the youth. There were about 40 high school and college students present. Sarah shared her testimony, and then we presented the “Unequally Yoked” project. The evening ended with a Q and A on Islam.

On Monday morning, we were blessed to do a presentation at St. John Lombard School for children grades four through eight.

Again, Sarah shared her testimony and we did a Q and A.

We would like to thank the principal and school staff for this opportunity. On Monday afternoon, we presented to the great women of the LWML at St. John’s, Lombard. Again, Sarah shared her life story, and I shared on the topic, “Islam’s Agenda in America.”

Together, we followed with a Q & A. We are grateful to Rev. Imlah for treating us in the afternoon to a tour of downtown Chicago. This was Missionary Sarah’s dream, to see downtown Chicago. Not only did Pastor Imlah take us around and show us the “Bean” and Willis Tower, and take us to try the famous Chicago style pizza. Our host also paid for the whole trip as well!

We owe a big “thank you” to Mrs. Imlah for allowing the pastor to take us out on his day off.

St. John Lombard is surrounded by a large number of Muslims, especially Arabs and Indians. There is an Islamic School very close to the church. Its large signboard says in Arabic, “Islam is the only religion.”

POBLO International Ministries has made a proposal to St. John to place a female missionary to begin outreach to Muslims. We specifically have in mind a woman from Iraq who is a convert from Islam, and who has completed her Master’s degree in English Literature. All glory goes to our Lord. By His mighty hand, we foresee a great mission start in the Lombard area!

Merry Christmas!

-Rev. Farrukh Khan