Our non-profit organization has a mission to help refugees and immigrants who are new to this country. POBLO International is a nationwide charity that has a mission to spread Christian values. Our charitable organization is sustained by volunteers, the help of the community, and donations from people who want to help those who are new to this country. We strive to spread our values to those who want to make an impact on people who are of a different background from them. We respect and value integrity at our charitable organization, which is why our blog will dive into the intricacies of how our non-profit organization is creating open, valuable relationships with immigrants and refugees.

  1. Mission Outreach in Chicago

    POBLO International Ministries, a non-profit organization, had the opportunity to visit Christ our Savior, in Winfield, IL. Sarah Christian and I met our host, Debra Odesey, who was very kind and extremely hospitable. Rev. Dr. Aubey gave me the opportunity to preach on Sunday and then do a mission p…Read More

  2. This Year Give the Gift of Jesus to a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or Atheist Friend: Give them the Jesus Film

    Our non-profit organization would like to share with you a film about helping your friends to accept Jesus into their hearts. The Kit includes: Training Info. Book Door Hanger Name Tags Jesus Film Package “In 1996, in Los Angeles, just as I was beginning outreach to Muslims through POBLO Internati…Read More

  3. International Women’s Tea 2018

    The POBLO Connection Food, Dance, and Patriotism! This year was my first time attending the International Women’s Tea. The overall atmosphere at our non-profit organization was very friendly, but there was also an undercurrent of excitement to see and taste new things. I was very impressed by the …Read More